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"R" CARD #1


Image of "R" CARD #1

"So this is R Card, you see. What we can do, it’s like, me and you and wolf can start this. Everything we’ve got we put in R Card and then we all use R Card. And anybody that can reach the level of trust that we have can come into R Card. And they can draw money from whatever, and use our bank, and use our money, and use our trust. And then, if anybody breaks that trust, they just have to die. There’s no slack, there’s no probation, there’s no act, there’s uh, no 1000 books cutting down all the trees talking about laws that they don’t abide by anyway. You see it? Every one of those lawyers has a set of books, consider those books are being sold and it’s just mowing down trees like magazines and newspapers. And all that’s got to stop. If that doesn’t stop, there’s gonna be no air or water and no life on this planet. All the intelligent life forms know this, so their minds are leaning towards all of this. And as this thought gains momentum, there’s gonna be a lot of people say, “Aw that’s full of shit, it’s not that way.” You know, and if they say, well uh, “the ground is not dead, there’s no rocks on the ground.” You know, there’s no rocks on the ground because they live on the roof. You know, and you tell em there’s rocks on the ground, “oh, no, there aint no rocks on the ground.” You know, like, in other words, they live in a fantasy world; they live in a dream land. And they’re saying, “well, Charlie’s full of shit, and we know everything because we know this.” We got R Card, so we got our bank accounts and all that you know. And, uh, uh, it’s just a matter of thought and it’s got nothing to do with the individual. There is a god and that god is air, trees, water and living life forms. If they don’t straighten out the constitution and get back to America before the constitution, then we cannot be reborn." - C. Manson

These are high quality prints of new paintings by Charles Manson. On gloss paper.

Image size: approx. 10.5" X 7" Print size: 11" X 8.5"

NOTE: Actual prints are brighter and stronger than images show.